Friday, May 14, 2010

feel the weight falling off...

...My shoulders!
as the summer kicks in, full effect, I am so grateful to be done with classes.
I am moving AGAIN this year... getting my own apartment.
finally have a full time job, however temporary it may be... but its good money
finally able to be done with classes and free of the responsibility of assignments and due dates for a while..
i can just focuz on work, my friends, my life, and having fun this summer!
i think im also gonna do quite a bit of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity this summer...
i have been a member of the organization for some time now and i really need to get out there and lend a hand, some strength and support. volunteering and building into existence a new home for a family in desperate need of one is a truly unique experience... and i would be happy to contribute.
SLEEP. its definitely something i was not getting enough of these past couple weeks... but now finals are over. im gonna throw myself into my work; rest, and chug along until i WANT to come back to school with excitement for my new Fall schedule.

i bid u all Adieu!!

have funn this summer, will ya!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

this week!

this week has been pretty hectic... just got a new job for the summer... started this week, finals have begun this week.. and to top it off, last weekend was my sister's birthday, another one of my sisters came to town, PRIDE festival was that weekend, and my best friend came out to vegas to celebrate her 21st!! so much has happened, so many good times, but im exhausted!! i was looking forward to relaxing this weekend, catching up on some last minute final papers and just getting some rest... but im afraid, duty calls!!! lol

Friday, April 30, 2010


well, this weekend my best friend (one of the honestly, 20 i have) is in town this weekend for her birthday!!!! its a beautiful thing since we get to see eachother like ONCE A YEAR. we spent a full year getting close to eachother for our first year of college! the good thing is that her whole family is here as well for her birthday and its her 21st! im pretty much the only best friend she has here to celebrate with her!! its an exciting thing and i appreciate having her here to introduce to my other best friends!

Friday, April 2, 2010

.. a lil late... but better than never

so i set up this new account at it seems pretty cool... i like that i can upload files... it seems pretty simple in that its so free- pretty much no restrictions as long as u know what you are doing... i likey!


well it has been a while since i have gotten to this. got a lot of catching up to do... actually just getting caught up right now before class tonite... there seems to be a lot due today for class. its all good.

Friday, February 19, 2010

this day 2010, february 19th...

lol i enjoy doing these blogs, but for some reason, be it procrastination :P, i can not seem to get to this until the day of class!! what is this? its funny really, i suppose. anyways, seems like this current assignment for Word 07 is hellacious lol almost 200 pages huh... better get on it then... and these tests lol... they are okay for the most part, but i keep getting one part of one question wrong... and i just turn it in, give it up, call it quits when i have one part of a part of a question left to answer and i just can NOT get it ha... its frustrating, but doable i guess... alright, thats all this week folks, just catching up on the Word07 activities for next week and this week... and i have some major accounting hw to do in the mean time lol... toodles!

Friday, February 12, 2010


missed last weeks class but im all caught up, as of two seconds ago lol.
just barely made it in time. im still wondering about this test today in class... hope im prepared for it. after doing the book work and it being so repetitive i think i have a pretty good jump on the stuff. somehow i think i will do well. and whoa! those tutorials took a while, but i found some of them remotely interesting, like the ones about the history of the computer... well, class starts in three minutes, so gtg. ttyl my ISpeeps!